Lower Body Strength Spectrum

SPSC CrossFit – The Sweat Studio

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400m run

100 jump rope


A)5 inchworms

B)30 sec goblet sq

C)10/10 wide stance speedskaters

activation/injury prevention

A)20 alt side lunges

B)10 squat jumps

-work on triple extension

-work on decelleration(soft landing)


Strength Spectrum Complex

-heaviest/slowest lift to lightest/fastest lift

-addresses multiple work capacities, order of importance

-rest 2 min after each round

-ramp up to working weight on sumo dl prior to beginning first round

Sumo Deadlift (4×5, ramp up weight)

-2-3 warm up sets, ramping up to working weight before starting 1st circuit

-starting strength(force production)

-reset every rep (stand up)

-negatives (control descent)

-hold air pressure on descent

-focus on hip hinge

Lateral Step-Ups (4x5reps per side)

Stand with the box to your side and step up, keep torso upright.
-unilateral starting strenght, lateral stability

-strict, top leg only

-control descent to the floor

-hips back, drive though heel

Goblet Squat (4×10)

-time under tension(building lean muscle)

-paused rep

-vertical torso

-quad dominant

Russian Kettlebell Swing (4x15reps)

Getting the KB to eye level; two-handed swing.
-power(moving weight quickly)

-focus on accelaeration/decceleration.

-timing of breathing

Sled pull (4×1/1 side/side)

-lateral sled pull

-injury prevention/work capacity

-crossover to the front each step

-hip adductors/abductors

Cool Down

A)Goblet sq stretch 2×30 sec

B)down down to runners lunge x10



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