Upper Body Strength/Total Body Conditioning

SPSC CrossFit – The Sweat Studio

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Complete all three warm up tasks, in any order:

A)40 calorie Airbike

B)400m row

C)200m run


A)10 band dislocates

B)10/10 wring the towel

C)10/10 shoulder circles


Upper Body Strength Circuit

Complete each upper body circuit with as little rest as possible between each lift. rest 90 seconds after completion of each circuit, before beginning next round.

Shoulder Press (4x6reps)

strict barbell press, posterior pelvic tilt, paused rep overhead

SIngle arm kettlebell pendlay row ((alternating arms) 4x10reps )

Lat Pullover Press (4×10)

Lying on bench with feet elevated, hold weight directly overhead. Drop weight behind and towards the ground. pull back up to starting position using lats, rear delts, triceps, serratus, and abs. Then perform a neutral grip triceps dominant chest press.

Band lateral/front raises (4×20)

alternate front/ lateral shoulder raise. no higher than shoulder level, pronated grip, complete stop at top, keep tension in band at all times.

DB2 dumbbell reverse grip bicep curls (4×15)

Elbows tucked in, scaps retracted, feet together, knees unlocked, pronated grip, full ROM.


12 min HIIT 30 sec work/ 30 sec rest, switching stations every round.

A) Airbike sprint

B) Rower sprint

C)Battle rope slams

Cool Down

400m (sign+bushes)


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