Isometric & Power Training

SPSC CrossFit – The Sweat Studio

A) Isometric Training- static strength training, involving holding a muscular contraction with maximum force without shortening or lengthening the target muscles.
B) Power Training- Fast strength, or the ability to produce force quickly. Power is calculated by dividing work/time.The faster you can move a resistance, the more power you produce.

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A) 200 med ball run

B) 10/10 shoulder circles

C) 20 lunge/curl/press

D) 20 kb swings

Isometric Training

Super Sets

A1)Side Planks

A2)Split Squats

B1)Bull Dog

B2)Single Leg Bridge

Plank (2×60 sec (1 set each side))

-Side Plank- feet stacked,elbows/ shoulders stacked

-progression-on hand and/or feet unstacked from eachother

Split squats (2×60 (1 set each leg))

rear foot elevated, weight on front leg

Bull Dog (2×60 sec)

on all fours, palms and toes on ground, knees just off the ground/ bent at 90 degrees.
-wide grip

-wide stance

Single Leg Glute Bridge (2×60 sec (one set each))

-torso elevated

-posterior pelvic tilt

-opposite foot elevated horizontal

Power Development

perform as a continuous circuit for 5 rounds, resting 30-60sec between every exercise. If performance in power of any exercise decreases excessively due to fatigue, decrease resistance slightly or rest approx 30 sec longer between sets. The goal is higher power and proficiency on each component.

Sled pull (5×50/50m)

-reverse pull/forward sled pull

-max speed sprint

Sprint (5x50m)

-fingers loose

-neck loose

-run tall

-stride it out

-thoracic rotation

-hip ext

Reverse Ball Throws (5x5reps)

one practice swing, hike ball through legs (similar to a kettlebell swing), launch backwards using explosive hip extension).

Ball Squat Throw (5×6 reps)

perform goblet squat with med ball, initiate throw by jumping explosively forward and then throwing the ball forward for distance.
alternating arms

Cool Down

A)400m jog (around building)

B)5 dynamic squat stretch

C)3/3 down dog to runners lunge


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